Concept & Treatment
Equipped with an understanding of your brand, audience and goals we will then begin to develop concepts that would best tell your story. A treatment is written to serve as a starting point of the open exploration of your brand or product.

Whatever your budget, we will work closely with you to ensure we offer and guarantee you the highest production standard for your project.

After the concept is approved, we move onto script writing. Our close working relationship with each client aides us in developing a structure for a script with the client’s voice acting as a narrative.

Storyboarding, style and tone can happen alongside the scriptwriting process. Once the concept is approved, we begin our creative and visual story telling journey.

Location Recce
The setting and backdrop is a vital element in the story telling toolkit and so we visit each shooting .

With a clear concept and treatment, it’s time to begin the production phase. With a network of highly skilled creatives and a combination of creative craftsmen in one team really enables us to execute your project to the highest standard.



The tone and pace of the story is brought to life during this phase and begins to take on an emotive visual script of its own.

Music/Sound Design

Music and sound design is an integral part of our productions, this is what drives the pace and emotion.

Motion Graphics & Animation

After the rough edit is completed, the motion graphics and animation phase begins. These elements compliment and enhance the overall direction of the edit.

Colour Grading

Colour grading is vital to setting the tone and mood of a film.The grade gives a film a cinematic finish and matches shots filmed at various different locations, light availabilities as well as creating a theme, set and mood to the final product.


The final sound mix is the audible narrative of the whole story. It can be the difference between a good film and a great film.


Social Media Distribution & Online Marketing Strategy

We access your needs based on your current online presence and branding. Pointing you in the right direction for opportunities and plan out a short or long term social media campaign. We can help you create a unique online presence to tell your story.

Whatever platform you wish to share or tell your story, we will be there to help and advise how and when to do it.